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I am Adele: the Woman whom Jesus loved.
I couldn’t imagine getting out of Satanism any other way.

 I believe very strongly that our past does not define who we are nor the plan, purpose and destiny which God has in store for us.  I should know as my own past was filled with death and destruction. But I am convinced that nothing can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus.  Romans 8:33-39

 I was involved in Satanism and other influential cults from a very young age. Although it was not my free choice to be involved in Satanism when I was a baby, I did have the opportunity as a teenager to turn my back on the movement, but I chose not to.  

My main role was to infiltrate Christian Churches.  There was something about the God of the Christians that had an allure for me. He was the only God among many gods that our movement hated. They also wanted the people persecuted. I was used to moving in the spiritual realm and knew that angels, anointing and the Blood of Jesus had tremendous power. It had somehow prevented me from attacking those who applied it effectively. I realized that there was something Bigger out there, and even though I did not understand it, and I could not explain it, I felt intimidated by its authority and power. Many times I considered turning my back on the cult, but I did not know how to get away from a lifetime of humiliation, death and destruction.  Also I believed that there was no hope for me since I had made it my personal mission to mock this God. He said He loves little children so I mocked Him to His face by hurting and sacrificing those same little children.

 During one of many satanic celebrations, I had a profound spiritual experience while we were busy performing blood rituals.  I was in the process of having an abortion when I cried out to my sworn enemy, Jesus Christ.  Amazingly He answered me, saying: “If I loved you enough to die for you, trust me with your life?” How is it possible that this God heard my cry? How was it possible for him to be so confident in his power that the higher powers and principalities who were represented at the ritual do not scare him? How was it that he was so secure in his identity that the actual ritual or our intentions behind them did not intimidate him? I was confused, but He wasn’t. I had had an encounter with a God who was not intimidated by darkness nor the severity of our sins.
  Even though I was taught to hate and defy every ‘good’ thing about the Christian God, I was somehow drawn to His presence, but feared the closeness just as much.  I had no hope for the future and longed to die, but fortunately God saw the bigger picture and knew exactly where He was going with me.

 A couple of years later I was ordered by the cult to sacrifice one of the spiritual leaders of our country because he was considered a major threat to the Kingdom of Darkness.  Anyone who was able to kill this man, Marc Bredenkamp, would have been greatly rewarded.  On the night of the planned sacrifice I could not get close to him, so the cult ordered me to sacrifice his nine year old son, Seth, instead.  I kidnapped him, and try as I may, I could not harm him. That little boy used effective spiritual weapons against me.  When someone finally found us, I wanted to negotiate Seth’s life for that of his father, but Marc replied: “God does not negotiate with the devil!” The dagger was taken from me and with uncompromised authority Marc asked me: “How dare you come against a child of a servant of God?”

 I had come face to face with a living God in him.  I had thought that I was all powerful, but in that moment, instantly, I was powerless. None of my demons were there to assist me in the protection of myself.

 The next moment Marc took one step closer, took me in his arms and said: “I love you with the love of Jesus.”

 I was confronted by the power of God which was both majestic and overwhelming. However in my opinion, the love of God is more powerful than His power as I was stripped naked in His presence, completely transparent in the presence of Truth.  The foundation my life was built on was ground to dust in the presence of a living God. 

 I went home that night and decided that I wanted to serve the only God who has proven Himself to be Truth.  My problem was that as a Satanist, I was used to interactions with forces and spirits.Now I wasn’t prepared to go from that to just another dead religion filled with dogma and empty rituals.  I had only one ‘condition’ at the moment of my conversion from Satanism to Christianity: I wanted a living relationship with God.  I wanted to interact with Him like I used to interact with demons, powers and principalities.  I wanted to hear His voice and see His face. Marc’s words changed my life forever, and I converted to having a living relationship with Christ shortly after that power clash.  

There was a Satanic calling on my life, but even when I did not deserve it and was supposed to die and be punished, Jesus Christ purchased me with the highest currency in the Spiritual realm: His Blood!   My reputation was that of sin, shame and sacrifice, but in Christ I have a new reputation.

  There were many obstacles on my journey to freedom, requiring healing and restoration.  I felt condemned by all the terrible things I did during rituals and I was tormented by memories of trauma.  I had to receive healing for my brokenness, be restored, grow spiritually and get stronger in order to effectively overcome the forces of darkness. It wasn’t an easy journey; it never is for anyone who experienced trauma, spiritual abuse and severe demonic bondage.  But I can say with confidence that hope, freedom and abundant life are possible because none of my actions as a Satanist could separate me from a consuming love that can only be found in Him. 

 One of my prayers very early in my recovery process was that God would use me.  I wouldn’t allow myself to be a victim.  I did not want my pain, trauma and suffering to be in vain. So I made the decision to speak out, to have a voice for so many in our community who have been silenced by the intensity of their pain, and by being emotionally and spiritually blackmailed.  I use my testimony, the books I have written and every ministry opportunity to bring a message of hope.  I use the experience and the knowledge I have gained as a Satanist and as a Blood bought child of God to educate the Body of Christ about the spiritual realm and effective spiritual warfare.  I am a living testimony that anyone can break free from Satanism, death and destruction.  My reputation was that of sin, shame and sacrifice, but in Christ I have a new reputation.

Today I am a mother, wife, writer, minister, missionary, counselor, prophet and evangelist, but first and foremost I see myself as a worshipper.  Not only because the devil is intimidated by our worship (because he is), but because when we worship, we are intimate with God, we become one with Him, are hidden in Him; which makes worship the most effective form of warfare.  May our worship to God be heard by Satan and all his demons to remind them that a mighty army is on the rise! This is what we were created for: to be offensive in our spiritual warfare.  What is your reputation in the spiritual realm?   

 Today, I call upon you, a Fearless Generation, to rise up and join me in my quest

 through servant hood and unconditional love;

 to war against the kingdom of darkness and overcome the enemy with boldness and courage, by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of your Testimony;

 to bring deliverance and healing, and to empower victims of trauma and (spiritual) abuse. 

 I minister and teach extensively to small groups, ministries, churches and schools.  For more information, please contact me.

 Abundant Blessings


Adele Neveling… and the Warriors of Worship



And from the days of John the Baptist until the present time, the kingdom of heaven has endured violent assault, and violent men seize it by force [as a precious prize—a share in the heavenly kingdom is sought with most ardent zeal and intense exertion]. Matthew 11:12 - Amplified Bible (AMP)